Colour boom with Sofia Nogard!

After a few months of silence (on the blog) I'm back again! I needed a bit of time to recharged after all the happening lately.

So, another collection was presented on the LJFW (Ljubljana Fashion Week) at the beginning of April and I was extremely pleased with how it all came out. After a few obstacles, everything played out just great.

From my point of view, the spring/summer season will be full of joy and colors. I always said that fashion should be fun and playful, and with this collection, I can say that everyone can understand it a little more too.

The inspiration behind it all is wrapped around artists on their holiday. So you can imagine the heat, the sound of the sea and the smell of the salt on the tanned skin. The material for the pieces are full of bright colors and also with a bit of black lace, for the contrast. It all comes together when you think about the long naughty nights on the holidays... The pieces are comfortable and the shapes wide as appropriate for the hot weather.

For the accessories, I really wanted to collaborate with a special person. Her mind is unique and bold. Right away I knew she would be a perfect match for this collection. So without any doubt, I knew Mija was the one. Sofia Nogard is a Slovenian fashion brand with a strong concept in clothes and accessories. After a brief conversation about the concept, we knew, what we want and the results were amazing to say at least! She made a mini collection of leather bags in bright colors (as metallic orange, green) and belts with tassels. Like a match made in heaven everything bonded together just perfectly.

The collection Colour me Blind was presented and very well accepted with great feedbacks.

Let me invite you behind the curtains (in this case in the backstage from the fashion show) and show you some of the moments before the show.

Photos by LJFW.


The clothes from the latest collection as the accessories from Sofia Nogard are available in the PENTLJA concept store or you can turn direct for me if you have any requests.

Until next time.

With love,


Sanija Reja