The collection that makes a lot of noise with the voice from the past. It's like loud healing from the underworld and scary thunderstorm from high above coming all together. It's a modern collection that has strong eye-catching pieces inspired by the almighty Slavic gods disguised in women. The story is basically bringing us back to the roots with the mythology which is powerful and let revive it again but in a new, fresh and mighty way! 

The inspiration and the research behind the fashion collection are all about the old Slavic gods that were almost forgotten in the time that passed by. The elements in the mythology are mostly taken from nature and animals and almost every god has a spirit animal behind him, so in the collection, you can find quite a few details that indirectly and directly resemblance with the animal world. The collection is modern and it teases with the future and not the past, despite the old and ethical inspiration.

Mythological creatures and gods were mostly male, so I wanted to shape them into a female version as the women these days are goddesses. Every person is his own God!

Materials in the collection are rich, eye-catching, full of character (jacquard, faux fur, cotton in combination with shinning threads, pure wool and wool combined with synthetic fibers). In the collection are also a few fabric modifications like shinning coatings and textile printing. The color palette can be described as mystical and divine; black, gold, silver, strong colored ethnic pattern (jacquard).

The collection is made for strong women, who are always true to themselves and aren't scared to stand out! Human beings wearing these pieces from the collection have it in the blood to make powerful statements and they'll never apologise for how they look. 

The collection was presented on the LJFW - Ljubljana Fashion Week in November 2018.

Photos by LJFW; Jure Makovec.