Behind the scenes - backstage.

Since I can remember I always wanted to know what's behind all things - why, how?  When I was really young, I was fascinated with all kind of stage shows. I loved the performance, the story, and mood around that, but it always kept me wondering how does it look like behind the scenes? In a way, I was afraid, that the knowledge of that would destroy my idea of magic around everything. But eventually, I saw that even then, everything is still interesting and fascinating. Of course in a different way, more mature and realistic, but still magical. :)

And also need mentioning, that everything is in the eye of the beholder. So let me share with you some of the moments from the backstage from 3 unique pair of eyes (or rather photo lenses) during my last fashion show on LJFW in April last year. 


Backstage moments captured by the one and only Mimi Antolović.


Backstage moments captured by exceptional Urša Premik.


Backstage moments captured by talented Urška Pečnik. 


Until next time!




Sanija Reja