The Holiday.

I'm one of the individuals that love (and need!) time to time to run away and just change places. What I mean with that is not to run from my everyday life or responsibilities, it is just to embrace everything and to look at it from another perspective. No matter near or far, I just have to see something different from what I experience on a daily basis. I think it's important to get another perspective on life and things.

And because of all that I love to take trips and holidays, so I see new places, inspirations, motivation (I know that it comes from myself, but however it gives me a little push in the right direction). I can experience new versions of things, another version of me. We are or can be so many things, and things like travels can bring all the different shades of us out. 

I felt that a trip is much needed for me this time, so I decided and planned it in a short notice. I was considering where to go. I wanted something for my soul, something traditional, rich with history, good local food and full of stories. And it was so obvious, I had to choose Tuscany. Viva la Italia!

Also not to forget and maybe even more significant - it is always important to consider what kinda trip or holiday you need. Sometimes you have to experience it by yourself so you can finally breathe. For me this time I wanted company. Someone to take with me, someone close, to share the excitement.  My cute (and always smiling) little sister was the excellent choice!

The day came and the two of us went on the road trip. Five days of pure Italy were amazing. I experienced it all like a fresh shower in the hot summer days (even though the weather in Tuscany was perfect). The trip we took was simple, we previously decided on a few places we fancied to visit, looked for some villages close by and then just enjoyed the countryside roads between the locations. Long story short, the destinations on our path were Prato, Pistoia, Lucca, Vecchiano beach, Volterra, San Gimignano, Monteriggioni, Siena, Castle Brolio, and Fiesole.

I loved that the cities and towns we've seen were so different, so we really could experience all the diversity of Tuscany can offer you. We went through big cities, small walled towns with watchtowers, castles and the typical beautiful fields where the eye can see.

All the things I’ve seen and everything I experienced was really special. It meant a lot to me and the memories will remain in my heart and I'll treasure them. The holiday trip was something that recharged me and gave me a new will to do more and who knows, maybe it will lead to a new project or a collection? 


With love, 


Sanija Reja