RECAP 2018

In the flow of recaps, I thought why not? So it got me started thinking about last year. It was one hell of a ride! In one word it was WOW. Regarding personal and business matters. I traveled, met new people, experienced new things and enjoyed every minute of it!

Let me mention some of the most important milestones. I redesigned my web page and started a blog (I see a lot of space to improve here).

I went to London with my friend in the spring.

Took a summer road trip with my sister to Tuscany.

In November I presented a new collection, and it won an - first ever - LJFW WOW Award (thanks to all of you again).

Photos by LJFW; Jure Makovec, Kristijan Švab

Photo by Ajda Račečič

So a new year and new goals! New inspirations and visions! Can't wait to truly begin (cause now I feel like in a soft start).

Until next time.

With love,


Sanija Reja