Nina Kurnik + Femme Fatale!

What kind of a woman is exactly a Femme Fatale woman? I was thinking a lot about that after I was approached by a special person (who I fancy and admire) with a request to make her a dress for the Slovenian Femme Fatale event in October. I was super excited and honored that she even thought of me!

So let me tell you more about Nina Kurnik. With a funny coincidence (we were obviously meant to get acquainted), she modeled for me for an event a couple of years back. I can say we immediately bonded! I was taken with her creativity and her positive personality. She is a wonderful person by heart and that also reflects in her work. She's an amazing visual artist.

We collaborated a few years back when I invited her to my fashion show and she did some amazing illustrations from the runway for the “Buona Serata Marla” collection.


So, Nina was nominated for the Femme Fatale woman of 2018 and I designed a dress especially for her for the main event. The black dress suited her perfectly and I'm always happy when seeing people enjoying while wearing the clothes I designed.

Photo by amazing Tibor Golob.


Photo by Ana Kovač.

The dress was later also a part of the Perunka Svarunka collection presented and seen on the LJFW - Ljubljana Fashion Week runway. So because Nina was a part of the collection, I invited her again if she would like to take some illustrations from the show and she accepted! More about that collaboration soon! ;)

Until next time!



Sanija Reja