One of the most special moments for a collection - here I mean a fashion one - is when it's presented in all it's glory on a shiny catwalk. But after the show, comes the reality, now the clothes have to speak and live for itself. 


The story behind the outfits can be seen and interpreted in so many ways; the one you see presented from me in the fashion show itself but the other ones can come just after. The core story behind kinda always stays the same, but all the other versions can only come later. Because of that I always like to ask other people how they saw it. Sometimes they describe it as I, but most of the time, they come up with even better explanations about the story.


All of this mentioned makes me having a little fun and I give the pieces another perspective with collaging the photos and give them a new attitude,  giving them a slightly different version of the story.

Let me show you what I had in mind.

For example, this is a modified story behind an outfit from the Vienna-Wien collection. The college is from the inspiration for the masculinity and femininity combined. The harsh man with the soft ruffles and flowers as a feminine detail all over the place. From this came one of my favorite dress from the collection mentioned before. And from the latest collection I can show you the these..

inspiracija viennawien.jpg

From the latest collection, I've presented, I can show you these college photos below. Just a sneak peek into my head.

Original photos from LJFW - Ljubljana Fashion Week.


With love, 


Sanija Reja