It smells like autumn.

It's officially the first day of Autumn! Hip hip hooray! Yes, as the title is saying, it smells like autumn (well, to be honest, it was in the air for some time now) and I love it! It's hard to say which season I favor the most because I love them all the same. In every period I find something I just adore and can't wait for it. So now, when the summer season has officially ended and everyone is complaining about it like crazy, I don't want to be sad because of it, but happy and excited what the next one will bring. I love that kind of changes because they bring freshness in life and new beginnings. It's like turning a page in the book and you see a new chapter has arrived.

So Autumn, let' talk about Autumn. I love all the warm colors, the fresh smell of nature in the air and all the mysterious fogs in the mornings. Suddenly we have to bring out of the closet all the jackets and coats (which is my favorite piece of clothing by the way). Nevertheless, above all, I love all the fashion weeks happening and to be able to see all the new collections from my favorites brands that have been in the making for (around) six months. Happy happy happy!

So the time is right to think about new ideas and I think you all know where I'm getting here, right? If not, well let me say that maybe I just want to take advantage of the moment and make a silent announcement that a new collection is in the making! ;) More information regarding this will arrive soon.

With all the love,


Sanija Reja